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About Us

NBC Adventures

Making You One With Wilderness

As the premier adventure tourism group in Northern British Columbia, NBC Adventures is driven by a deep commitment to conservation and the preservation of the province's dwindling remote wilderness areas. What began as a family-owned and operated enterprise has grown into an organization structured as a Limited Liability Partnership.

At NBC Adventures, we take immense pride in offering our clients an exceptional wilderness experience founded on a shared reverence for nature and the environment. Join us to embark on a journey that celebrates the natural beauty of BC's wilderness.

Our Team

At NBC Adventures, our guides aren't just leading these thrilling expeditions; they're living and breathing the adventure. Their way of life and their deep convictions revolve around the untamed wilderness. Picture waking up to a world of absolute silence, immersing yourself in the frigid waters of a pristine creek—each day unfolds as a new adventure, breathing life into their spirits.
This expansive and remote wilderness in Western Canada pulsates with vitality throughout the year, whether it's the vibrant summers or the enchanting winters. With our seasoned guides by your side, you'll find yourself at ease in the company of moose, bears, and wolves, forging unforgettable connections with the natural world.

Adventure Awaits

Nature Calls. Will You Answer?


NBC Adventures has been operated as a family-own business. 

A Reliable Partner

NBC Adventures is a reliable partner for adventure travel tourism around the world.

Why NBC Adventures?

True wilderness, pristine scenery, back-to-basics, and freedom are why you'd love NBC Adventures.